Chibi Commissions


Some chibi commissions I’ve done over the past few months. I’m pretty much open now so if you’d like one of these for yourself, hit me up yo!☆彡

1. A Gaia commission for CheshireKitten

2/3. Necrolumes! Another Gaia commission This species is so cool

4. Biyomon/Gabumon gijinkas for Melody Brown (tumblr?)

5. jonfawkes-art ‘s character Anna

Please do not use, edit, or repost in any way. These are for the clients’ personal use only! Thank you~ (´▽`)

Old post, but I’m going to be deleting the “art-of-mimi-min” account.

These are currently closed, but speed commissions are open. Message me if interested.


egh I can’t get this crossposter to play nicely.

Some doodles from today and a while ago aheh my friend’s inkling is so freaking cute though

Valkyrie Maidens

Valkyrie Crusade sketches, I do these every now and then based on people’s favorite maidens haha

Figured I should finally post them here. I’ll likely do more, but these are what I’ve done so far.