A point request on my stream from my good friend and senpai, @Yun_Fuyu. These are supposed to be quick doodles, but I can’t help getting carried away when it comes to certain characters…….💦

Thank you ♡

Cutie with the Booty

Cutie with the booty and her bae (according to me)~! More HakuNero I’m not gonna stop so go ahead and fight me

Bride costume because I couldn’t get her normal getup to look nice at all TT o TT And I didn’t want to leave her without clothing… Anyway I am so bad at this but at least I tried /cries



Nero Doodles


OneNote sketches of “Red Saber”…

I just posted these as my first thing on Pixiv. Somehow, one of my old friends got me back on there… It’s here if you’re interested.

I’m trying to get to a point where I can draw Saber comfortably so I figured I’d start with Nero. I don’t feel as bad if I try to draw her and it comes out silly looking. There’s a couple more sketches but they’re just faces ugh boring~

Can I just say that Nero x f!Hakuno is like… …well, I ship them.

I ship them so freAKING HARDI’m sorry (not really)

If you don’t want to see certain types of pairings I’ll try to tag things liberally so for example if you don’t want to see girls smooching just block #gl. I’m working on a list if you click on the “Disclaimer” link at the top of my theme thingy bobber 

As you can see my lines without stabilization are pretty wobbly…though, I think this tablet has a lot to do with it. It’s slippery, and it does this weird thing where if I have my hand near it, even if I’m holding the pen, it goes all wonky. I think I might try uninstalling the WinTab drivers since they didn’t really do what I was hoping they would, and I didn’t notice the problem until after I installed them. I’ll be able to afford a more artist-targeted device someday ; v ;)b