Gaia Online Doodle

Another doodle – this is what my Gaia Online character looks like right now. Why did I start doing this again lol ugh it just makes me want everything ever.

Speaking of, wow that economy?? When I left I had a decent amount saved up but now I might as well have a pile of plastic rhinestones instead of diamonds. Oh well! :’D I still have some decent items! And really, just looking at the pretty things is enough for me. I want to find something similar to but with Gaia; I love building character designs with no particular goal in mind; just “Oh, that looks cool!”

Anyway, I don’t really go on for any reason other than to browse, but if you want to add me, search for “Mimi-min the Artist” (just “mimi-min” was taken cries).

Please do not use, edit, repost or remove captions on my drawings.
Thank you ♥