Greetings, people of the future! I’m actually asleep, and this is coming from my queue. Hahaha…

Before bed sketch of some sort of lady soldier holding some sorta weapon idk lel

I came across one of those drag for results meme things for outfits. I’ll find it later, and probably attach it to the next version if I pursue this further, but for now, my results were as follows: Monochrome, Combat, Ribbons, Hat, Wings.

Can I get a heeeeeeeeeeeeck yeah!? ♥ That’s just my style LOL… I mean silver and white counts as monochrome, right? I love beautiful girls in shining armor who gracefully silence those who would oppose them.

Scribble scribble sketchy wetchy obviously but hey, it’s something. And with that, off to bed I go~ (/ ▿ /)

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