Hey all, posting from my new account. Guess what, I totally forgot about that thing you can have on a tumblr blog called members. Totally transferred this blog using that feature. Awwyeah.

Anyway, I’m not sure how I did this. I just kind of did. It was actually supposed to be an hour long experiment… it ended up taking more like 6-8 hours. I got the “lines” (very unclean ugh) done in an hour though? Now it’s 8 am and I’m sooo ready for bed HAH;;;

I’ve gotten way too into Valkyrie Crusade lately… this is a card I got a few days ago, “Romance”. She’s too cute (*´Д`) She’s also a very important part of my team. I might make different color variations of this for each of her evolutions, but her basic one is my favorite. I also gave her a relaxed, blissful expression but I’ll upload that later if I do those color variations. Right now, I just want to go to bed~… zzz

I’m on there as エリー姉 (”Ellie-nee”), my ID is 9t47e if anyone wants to send me some FAWs ;’D Will draw for FAWs! Lololol

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