New Year, New Start

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your new year so far. I know I am!

I get the feeling some really great things are going to happen this year. Not only do I have some things lined up for moving forward, but I’ve also managed to release myself from some things that have been holding me back. It’s a really great feeling. I’m hoping to go further and shake off even more things within the coming months; especially my hesitant nature. By the end of the year, even if my goals have not been achieved, I hope that I can at least be more confident and think more positively.

Last night, I had a visit with my father’s side of the family. During dinner he told me something very interesting. I told him that I felt like there wasn’t enough time to achieve the things I had planned, and that I have already wasted so much time already. He asked me to consider all of the things I’ve already done within the past 20-or-so years. Everything I’ve learned, experienced, people I’ve met, the twelve years of school, good times, bad times, all of it. Then he told me that by the time I reach his age, I’ll have had enough time to do it all over again; and even after that point, I’ll be able to double the years once more before I reach a considerable age. When I think about it that way, I don’t feel so bad. They say that a master is just a beginner who has already failed thousands of times. That is the principle I hope to live by this year. If you are hesitant, doubtful, or otherwise lack confidence, please think about how much more you can accomplish by the time you double your age. 


Happy New Year!

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